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An Introduction to Social Constructionism

Vivien Burr
Routledge, 1995
4. udgave, 1998, 198 sider
ISBN 041510405X

An Introduction to Social Constructionism is a readable and critical account of social constructionism for students new to the field.
Focussing on the challenge to psychology that social constructionism poses, Vivien Burr examines the notion of 'personality' to illustrate the rejection of essentialism by social constructionists. This questions psychology's traditional understanding of the person. She then shows how the study of language can be used as a focus for our understanding of human behaviour and experience. This is continued by examining 'discourses' and their role in constructing social phenomena, and the relationship between discourse and power. However, the problems associated with these analyses are also clearly outlined.

Many people believe that one of the aims of social science should be to bring about social change. Vivien Burr analyses what possibilities there might be for change in social constructions accounts. She also addresses what social constructionism means in practice to research in the social sciences, and includes some guidelines on doing discourse analysis.

An Introduction to Social Constructionism is an invaluable and clear guide for all perplexed students who want to begin to understand this difficult area.

Vivien Burr is a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Huddersfield.

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