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Group Communication

Peter Hartley
Routledge, 1997
1. udgave, 1997, 226 sider
ISBN 0415111609

How does group membership influence individual behaviour? In what ways do groups change and develop? How do different groups relate to one another?

"Group Communication" provides an introduction to the theories and practical applications of small group dynamics. Drawing on concepts from social psychology, linguistics and communication studies, Peter Harfley shows that an understanding of how groups work and interact will improve the chances of successful team communication and co-operation.

"Group Communication" includes:

  • critical reviews of group research.
  • explanation of the difficulties and practicalities of observing groups.
  • analysis of major group processes, including conformity and decision-making.
  • analysis and case studies of the management team, student seminar/project groups and self-help groups.
  • practical recommendations for group communication.
  • references and suggestions for further reading and research.
Peter Hartley is Senior Academic in Communication Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, and was one of the team which developed the first British undergraduate degree in this area. He teaches theoretical and practical courses in interpersonal and group communication to a wide range of students, managers and other groups, using the ideas in this book and "Interpersonal Communication" (Routledge, 1993).

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