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Experiental Learning

David A. Kolb
Prentice Hall, 1984
1. udgave, 1984, 256 sider
ISBN 0132952610

This new book is a comprehensive and systematic statement of the theory of experiential learning. It draws from the intellectual origins of experiential learning in the works of John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget, describes the process of experiential learning, and proposes a model of the underlying structures of the learning process based on research in psychology, philosophy, and physiology.

This structural model forms the basis of a typology of individual learning styles and corresponding structures of knowledge in different academic disciplines and professions.

The experiential learning model also includes a theory of adult development, since learning is the process whereby development occurs. This developmental perspective forms the basis for applications of experiential learning to education, work and life-long learning.

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