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Web Design In a Nutshell

Jennifer Niederst
O'Reilly & Associates, 1999
1. udgave, 1999, 562 sider
ISBN 1565925157

Web design can be very simple these days thanks to the massive selection of programs available to take the difficulty out of producing slick Web sites. But for the perfectionists and those who want more than a passing degree of control over their creations, the only real way to produce Web content is the old fashioned way--with a copy of a decent text editor and a head full of HTML tags.

This superb book gives a no-nonsense overview of HTML programming starting from the ground up and encapsulating some of the more advanced topics some lesser books choose not to approach. Everything is so well presented it makes for easy reading even when not sitting at your computer. It's nice to see such good support for multiple browsers too--the book gives information about which commands will work with which browser so it's easy to produce more universally accessible sites.
Although this is not aimed squarely at the beginner it's so well written it should be on any prespective coder's bookshelf from an early stage.

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