Robert E. Quinn: Beyond Rational Management  
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Beyond Rational Management

Robert E. Quinn
Jossey-Bass Publishers, 188
1. udgave, 1988, 199 sider
ISBN 1555423779

Robert E. Quinn helps business and government leaders make sense of the paradoxes, competing demands, and contradictions of organizational life. He explains how leaders - by learning to embrace and transcend paradoxes - can move beyond the overly rational, linear thinking that limits their approaches and see new possibilities for structuring organisations, designing jobs, and solving day- to-day problems.

Illustrated by rich stories and insights from business, public administration, and sports, the book offers a full range of practical guidelines, charts, and self-assessment exercises to help business leaders overcome blocks to high performance and develop the skills needed to prosper in today's business environment. These tools will help managers - understand and balance the polarities that are part of every organization - develop a more flexible logic for coping with unfamiliar problems and demands - make reliable business decisions that successfully integrate conflicting priorities - and chart a course for self-improvement that will lead to mastery in management.

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