Michael Schratz & Rob Walker: Research as Social Change  
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Research as Social Change

Michael Schratz & Rob Walker
Routledge, 1995
1. udgave, 1995, 182 sider
ISBN 0415118697

Have you ever thought research is boring? 'Research', writes Umberto Eco, 'should be fun.' lt scems unlikely that Umberto Eco has read many of the standard texts that are given to students in the social sciences or cducation to study. But boredom is only text deep, for social research offers possi- bilities for the exploration of ideas and for the involvement of the rescarcher and rescarched alike in projects that can be informative, some- times revelatory and fun to do. This book, part manual and part travet guide, shows us how by turning some unexpected corners research, like teaching, can be scen as a deeply social and personal activity.

This book is dedicated to the notion that social research should become an integral part of the contemporary workplace. Its principal concern is with integrating different forms of qualitative research, action research and case study methods within the ambit of professional practice. In pursuit of the demystification of research it turns towards the investigation of memories and personal perceptions, drawings, journal writing and photographs as sources, with the aim of developing new directions and new possibilities for research that bring together theory and practice, method and message, social organisations and their clients. lt is a vital source for all who are interested in doing research but who find themselves sceptical, critical or alienated from the research they encounter.

Michael Schratz teaches methodology and curriculum innovation at the University of Innsbruck and his research interests in management and leadership in the context of educational change have recently taken him to communides in Estonia, Croada and Australia. Rob Walker teaches classroom research by distance education at Deakin University, his students being located in various parts of Australia and elsewhere around the Pacific rim.

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