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On Organizational Learning

Chris Argyris
Blackwell Publishers, 1992
1. udgave, 6. oplag 1998, 450 sider
ISBN 1557866635

On Organizational Learning draws together the seminal work on organizational learning by Chris Argyris over many years to give a complete picture of his outstanding contribution in the field.
Forcusing on learning and organizational politics the book addresses the key issues of:
  • Organizational learning and Action Science.
  • Organizational effectiveness and what inhibits it.
  • Organizational development and human resource activities.
  • Usable knowledge and how it is inhibited.
The author's focus on the defensive and protective processes which inhibit organizations from learning has opened the up to a new form of scrutiny, and demonstrates the liberating alternatives created by scientific investigation. This new paperback edition makes Argyris's unique contribution available to students and specialists in the field.

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